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China's Liquor Capital Empowering, Global Event Boosting Yibin 'Internationalization'

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ժҪIn June, the eyes of the world focus on Yibin, Sichuan Province, China.
In June, the eyes of the world focus on Yibin, Sichuan Province, China.

From June 8 to 11, 2023 World Power Battery Conference, a global event leading the future, was held in Yibin, Sichuan Province, the "China's Liquor Capital" and "China's Power Battery Capital". The theme of this conference is "Green New Driving Force New Growth Driver for the World".

Site of the 2023 World Power Battery Conference.  By Lang Zhang  
New ideas are buzzing here - Experts, scholars, business elites, and industry leaders gather here to deepen exchanges, discuss the development direction of the power battery industry, and jointly explore the green and low-carbon development path of power batteries.

New products are displayed here - A series of power battery related upstream and downstream full industry chain products and application scenarios with international, intelligent, technological, and diversified characteristics have made stunning appearances.

New achievements are born here - the integration of consensus initiatives, list release, project signing, and plaque awarding has added inexhaustible impetus to the development of the power battery industry in Yibin, Sichuan, China, and the world.

Yibin has once again witnessed the historical moment of the global power battery industry.

The conference achieved fruitful results: 64 new major projects were signed, with a total amount of 106.3 billion yuan

The 2023 World Power Battery Conference is organized by the Sichuan Provincial People's Government, the Manufacturing Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Manufacturing Industry Information Technology, a collection of conferences, exhibitions, events, dialogue, experience in one, is a world-class power battery industry event.

At the main forum held on the afternoon of June 9th, Yibin achieved fruitful results: 64 projects were signed on-site, with a total contract amount of 106.3 billion yuan. On the whole, the signed projects reflect high value, deepening central and local cooperation, strong innovation, and outstanding green concepts. Among these projects, there are 53 green new energy industry projects represented by power batteries, 5 central and local cooperation projects and industry organization cooperation projects, and 6 new research and development platform projects. These signed projects will further drive the agglomeration and development of upstream downstream industries in power batteries, broaden the development space of Yibin, and promote the extension of the industrial chain to new energy vehicles, energy storage, and other fields.

During the conference, some counties (districts) and industrial classes in Yibin City seized the opportunity of the conference. With the help of the conference platform, many parties actively communicated and actively docking, and nearly 20 investment projects have been formed in just 2 days. The project mainly involves battery, energy storage, cathode materials and other fields, in order to further extend the industrial chain, improve the industrial supporting, so as to build a green closed-loop power battery whole industrial chain ecosystem to add new kinetic energy.

Site of the opening ceremony of the Hungarian National Pavilion, the guest of honor. Picture by Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee of Yibin
Based in Yibin, Sichuan, over a 4-day period, this conference focuses on "high-quality industrial development" and some other hot topics such as open sharing, green and low-carbon, innovation driven, and industrial collaboration. It has set up over 30 forum and conference activities, including 1 opening conference, 1 main forum, 1 summit forum, 5 theme forums, 2 symposiums, 2 characteristic activities, 1 global entrepreneur night, and the opening ceremony of the National Pavilion of the host country.

Exploring the Future of the Industry: Release a number of major results to the world

The 2023 World Power Battery Conference brings not only a fusion of ideas, but also a collection of intellectual and investment achievements.

The conference mainly released more than 10 important intellectual achievements of the power battery industry with the main content of "high-quality development of the industry", "Industrial development index" and "enterprise growth", and three-dimensional presentation of the latest research in the power battery industry

Representatives of international and domestic Industry associations and leading enterprises jointly issued "Consensus on "Global Integrated Development of the Power Battery Industry", which will further consolidate industry consensus. Define the direction of industrial development and promote global industrial cooperation.

The Yangtze River Navigation Administration of the Ministry of Transport and representatives of 13 provinces (municipalities) along the Yangtze River system jointly issued The "Electrified Yangtze River" Initiative, aiming to promote the Yangtze River protection. By promoting the application of new energy technologies such as power batteries in shipping on the Yangtze river, China will speed up the clean and low-carbon transformation of the energy structure of the Yangtze River Transport, so as to help realize high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Development Center released the 2023 Power Battery Industry Development (Yibin) Index, which objectively and comprehensively reflects the current situation of the power battery industry at home and abroad from three dimensions of the world, China and enterprises, analyzes the industrial development trend, and sets a Weather vane for the industrial development.

Foreign guests visiting the exhibition. Picture by Publicity Department of the Municipal Committee of Yibin

During the conference, the attending representatives also released important achievements such as the "White Paper on the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment for Power Batteries" and the "Joint Action Proposal on Quality and Technology Foundation Support for the New Energy Vehicle Industry", focusing on industry hotspots such as power battery policies, regulations and standards, technological research, intelligent manufacturing, and safe transportation.

Boosting Yibin's "internationalization": China's Liquor Capital adds new impetus

As the core area of Sichuan's trillion level power battery industry, Yibin is also a leading area for ecological priority, green, and low-carbon development that has been clearly positioned by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Government. Yibin actively leverages its industrial foundation advantages to promote the professional and large-scale extension of the industrial chain to the new energy storage field. At the Summit Forum on Energy Storage Development, guests adopted the keyword "energy storage" to explore industry development opportunities, cooperation, and the future.

Awarded the title of "China's Power Battery Capital Yibin". By Lang Zhang 

At this conference, Yibin, known as "China's Liquor Capital", has a brighter business card in the field of power batteries and energy storage: one is "China's Power Battery Capital", and the other is "a new highland in China's energy storage industry".

At the main forum of the conference on June 9, Yibin was jointly awarded the title of "China Power Battery Capital Yibin" by the China Light Industry Federation and the China Battery Industry Association, becoming the first city in the country to be awarded the title of "China Power Battery Capital". The title of "Yibin, the Power Battery Capital of China" is valid for 4 years. On the same day, at the Energy Storage Development summit forum, Yibin was certified by the China Battery Industry Association and awarded the title of "New Highland of China's energy storage Industry".

According to the relevant person in charge of Yibin City, Yibin will take the 2023 World Power Battery Conference as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and exchanges with a more open attitude, actively seize the "golden track" of new energy development, continue to consolidate the "power battery city of China", and strive to build a "new highland of China's energy storage industry".

The exhibition site of the conference takes "accelerating the construction of power battery industry ecosystem" as the logical main line, and the display content covers the whole chain of power battery industry such as power batteries and materials, new energy vehicles and key components, green travel and application scenarios, energy storage, charging and replacing power and industrial services, and power battery equipment manufacturing.

In addition, the offline exhibition static display and dynamic experience area covers a total area of 55000 square meters, with 8 exhibition areas and related characteristic exhibition areas including "Power Source", "Green World", and "Smart Ecology". It gathers enterprises from multiple countries and regions such as Hungary, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Hungary, and Singapore to participate. The exhibition showcased over 30 new technologies in the field of batteries and nearly 170 new energy vehicles.

"This is my first time to attend the World Power Battery Conference, and what struck me was the condensed battery with a single energy density of up to 500Wh/kg in the CATL exhibition area, which is very scientific and technological." Yu Yao from the Science and Technology Cooperation Department of Sichuan Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University was in Yibin for the first time. He said that Yibin is a very beautiful city, and he can feel the integrity of the entire chain of Yibin's layout in the new energy industry.

From the theme exhibition area to the outdoor characteristic exhibition area, the on-site painting area with the theme of "future travel in my heart", the time tunnel of "E Sports Legend", the popular science park of "Green kinetic energy", and the test ride experience area of new energy vehicles of "Hi Sports Test Ride" make people immersed in it.

It is reported that this exhibition has attracted over 600000 people online and offline to observe and experience.

More than 1700 guests, including government officials from over 10 countries and regions, top experts and scholars, representatives of international organizations, and representatives of leading enterprises, attended the conference. The on-site audience reached over 3000, and the total number of online live viewers exceeded 25 million. Countless viewpoints, ideas, and judgments radiate across Sichuan and the country, affecting the global power battery and related industries.

The attending guests visited and inspected the comprehensive ecological management of the Yangtze River in Yibin, appreciated the culture, urban landscape, zero carbon plaza, power battery industry planning and layout of the ancient town, and were all impressed by the strong development momentum surging everywhere in Yibin. Many guests have reached a consensus that Yibin, with its "internationalization" strategy, has gained the beauty of mountains and rivers, beauty of humanity, and even the beauty of development. They are looking forward to having the opportunity to invest, start a business, and seek prosperity in Yibin. (Pinghua Wu)

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